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Hawaii SEO, isn't it time someone just explained tech geek talk in simple  terms...

In this article we will touch on everything you need to know to make an informed choice for either beginning your first Hawaii SEO campaign or improving what content you already have out on the web.

Yes, its now 2014, the time to bring your marketing into the 21st century. Your Hawaiian business is missing out on not only appearing professional to prospective customers but your also losing tons of free advertising real estate space if your not utilizing the latest Hawaii SEO techniques by now.

*Hawaii SEO or Hawaii Search Engine Optimization refers to* the websites that appear when you type in a keyword to the Google search box. For example “best places to visit in Hawaii” and the results are similar yet unique web links to tourist or news sites where the viewer can learn more.

Keep that in mind because if a prospect ends up on your website they have most likely already taken one or two steps to get there, that automatically means they are interested to learn more aka a qualified customer. Out of a entire page of choices they picked yours to learn more about. Its a pretty cool sales tool to know that a customer is learning about your service or product without you physically being there. You get to put your best foot forward every time someone uses your Hawaii SEO to find you.  

Some people aren't aware that there is more than just Google as search engine for positioning there Hawaii SEO. The other big contenders are Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Ask, and AOL of course there are 10+ other sites that you've most likely never heard of that you'll want to be listed on as well.  

The next most important step to having Hawaii SEO visibility is to rank on the first page of the various search engines. The percentage of people that will click on the second page is less than half and the numbers continue to dwindle on the third, fourth and fifth page.

This brings us to the third most important step and that's using what works now. Search engines have what they call “Spiders” it spiders out through all the content on the web looking for information that matches keywords that people are searching for. Because search engines are driven by delivering valuable content they often change there algorithm or spidering procedure to make sure its new, relevant and useful information to the reader. So this means that you want Hawaii SEO that pulls out all the stops and puts in all the bells and whistles to give you the best shot at ranking.      

Lets be honest Hawaii SEO isnt like PPC (pay per click) where you pay royally to be the number 1 or 2 slot often upwards of $5 per click. Hawaii SEO is a little bit more of a mountain climb sometimes your ahead of the pack, sometimes in the middle and sometimes at the end, but always your still climbing to the top. The benefit is your already going to pay for a keyword analysis with Hawaii SEO or PPC, with Hawaii SEO though once the content out and ranked its free every time someone clicks to learn more.

Remember the time to get started is now, because if you don't stake your claim at the keywords someone else will, most likely your competitor down the street.

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Our SEO Process

  • Keyword Research - We scour and look through hundreds of keywords to identify the most effective keywords ... using tools on our back-end to identify them! As well, we look for profitable keywords and low competition keywords that may bring additional new traffic.
  • Competitor Analysis - Find out what your competitors are ranking for. Also discover what type of SEO strategy they have implemented and learn to beat them!
  • On-Site Optimization - Full on-site analysis looking at components including proper title tags, text description, anchor links, and more. We look for any commonly made errors on your site that might prevent your page or website from being able to rank high.
  • Off-Site Optimization - Google has made many updates to their search algorithm. You need to know that your off-site strategy is not just implemented, but done right. Black-hat strategies can land you in hot-water in today's search engine world. We work to ensure that backlinks, social media platforms, link submissions, guest posts, and more are created to most benefit your site's SEO ranking.


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